First Blog! Skeptics and Feminism

Well, yet another skeptic proves that just ending a belief in superstition does not mean you are not a douchebag.

I saw the following post:

“Rationalwiki has…….pro-feminist agenda”

Well, if they are they are pro-feminist, I am on board! Smile. To be fair a wiki should not have a slant.  However. I already noted before on other forums my objection to feminists writing a wiki from a POV that clouds issues. I want to state here is my sadness at the tragedy amongst modern skepticism that it has such a vocal anti-feminist component. When the basic trope of feminism is that women are equal to men, we should all be seen as human first, and that society has yet to address it’s inherent anti-women structures and bias.

“Oh you must be a feminist!”

Well, of course. I married a woman and love her. But what do you mean by feminist? I don’t accept all feminist theories. Why? It is impossible! Feminism is multifarious and the schools of thought are sometimes in opposition. I love to ask ask “anti-feminsts” if they object to the binary construction of gender found in early feminist theory or if they rather find issue with the use of feminist theory in conjuction with postmodern or critical theory? (that is half just babble.) Or if it is rather they have no problem with structuralist feminist theory which deals with institutions but are rather taking to task schools of feminist thought that say women can never have power over men even in dyads (some feminists say women are always at disadvantage but other academically recognized theories note that a woman may have less power in society in general but all the power at home in the relationship dyad with male spouse. I guess maybe the anti feminist has not read a lot about theories on dyads, triangulation and homeostais in familial systems, etc…..

I do find it  hilarious when a skeptic speaks in terms of “pro feminist agenda” Which agenda? There are 1st wave, 2nd wave, 3rd wave, and now 4th wave feminist conceptions. Some feminists are sex-worker positive some are anti porn. Some pro-porn. Some feminists think capitalism is great; some think it hurts women. Some feminists are Christians and some feminists are atheists. in short…to say there is a monolithic “pro-feminst agenda” out there is just kinda cute. I am guessing that never read Camille Paglia’s harsh critiques of other feminists.

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