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The Catch-22 for Evangelicals about Atheism

Evangelicals get very upset when one of their flock becomes an atheist. At one level, I understand. But at another, I think they have set themselves up for failure on this issue because of their reliance on two major but … Continue reading

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Something people do not know about Pentecostals and the bible:

  When I left the modern pentecostal movement I made the wise choice to study pentecostalism academically because I valued the mystical and spirit-filled orientation they had. When I went to grad school and got a masters in divinity, I … Continue reading

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The Protestant problem of Sola Scriptura and the canonicity of the Apocrypha.

When the Protestant Reformation happened, the newly formed movement championed the idea, still triumphant today, that the sole authority of Christians and the Church was the bible. But which bible? And who picked these books? Because there used to be … Continue reading

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My own Private Idaho and the Bible

So we all grow up different, but we don’t realize this fact. What do I mean? Some examples: for a lot of people in Mexico, none of their friends has central air conditioning. They hear about it, but none of … Continue reading

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What Would God Do? (Versions of God)

So a person I met online has become very skeptical, and left the ministry. A “friend” of his implied that because he has become a skeptic, God is making sure he does not find a job.I believe there is some … Continue reading

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Paul Kurtz on Neo-Humanism

I am not a secular humanist. I am more a “really think the secular is important, don’t rule out divine” humanist.   Noted Professor Paul Kurtz was widely heralded as the “father of secular humanism.” late his life he wrote, … Continue reading

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