What Would God Do? (Versions of God)

So a person I met online has become very skeptical, and left the ministry. A “friend” of his implied that because he has become a skeptic, God is making sure he does not find a job.I believe there is some kind of Divine Presence in the Universe, so I asked myself the question:

What Would God Do?

Let’s suppose a God that acts in the universe, cares, and is generally like most people perceive God to be. I am going to run down 3 versions of what God might do.

  1. The Billy Graham God/Wesley Loving God

God sees that this person’s faith has wavered and they are in financial straights. God finds a person who is prayerful, humble, kind and listening that knows this person. God “lays it on their heart” to bless this skeptic and the person contacts the skeptic and says, “I know you doubt God. But I do not doubt you. I know you try your best, and want to know the truth. I accept you for who you are. God loves you, no matter what doubts you have. God is not afraid of any questions. Here is money during you time of need. It is a gift to remind you that God is the giver of good things, even to those that doubt him.” And without judgment or shaming–leaves.

  1. The John Wimber/pentecostal god:

God tells a christian to go to the skeptic. The christian says, “God told me to give you 2000 dollars and tell you that he saw you when you tucked your children into bed after watching (some specific TV show the christian could not have know the skeptic and his kids watched.) And that God knows you love them. God loves you the same way. God will be with you through your doubts.” And without judgment or shaming… leaves.

  1. The god I hear some people talking about (Mark Driscoll remix)

God is petty. God is easily angered. This God likes to negatively motivate people. God punishes this skeptic by not letting them find a job, and sends unsympathetic people to harass him.

A question: If this 3rd God was real, why would the skeptic worship him except to avoid hell? I can imagine the skeptic sitting quietly in heaven, despising this God, but glad to not be burning.

Frankly, I wish that God A or B was the God I experience. I believe in the divine, but wonder why the divine does not act more creatively or powerfully in the world, given that the divine is loving.

As for God C, well, if that is the real God, I do not want to know that God.





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