What does it mean to be #humanfirst?

For many cultures and people, what matters most is if you are male or female–or American or Mexican–or christian/not christian. #HumanFirst says what matters foremost is we are all human.

We advocate for a worldview that puts humanity/humans first, not ideology. This is not to say that gender, ethnicity, philosophy, faith, and other distinctions are not important. But they should not be the basis for how much dignity, legal rights, or power we offer people.  For example, we should not give preference or special rights to men, christians, canadians*, or the wealthy. In this way might be considered radical egalitarians. Humanists. We are globalists. We do want to own bumper stickers that say “God Bless America” for that lends credence to the thought that God should bless America more than Canada or Iraq.

To quote Paul Kurtz: In our view of the current scene, not enough attention has been paid to ‪#‎Humanism‬ as an alternative to [traditional] religion. Humanism presents a set of principles and values that began during the Renaissance and came to fruition during the modern era. It marked a turning point from the medieval concern with the divine order and salvation to an emphasis on this life here and now, the quest for personal meaning and value, the good life and social justice in modern democracies and economies that served consumer tastes and satisfactions.” 

A turn to the here and now. I like that.

We believe Spirituality or spirituality does not have to involve superstition or literalization of myth.

In the 21st century, spiritual people can move beyond myth, and value the Spirit or merely the human spirit and evolve towards that which is good, true, and beautiful.

*just picked canadians to be funny.

P.S.  To be human-centered does not mean we do not expand our circle of concern to include all life, the earth, and the cosmos. It merely means that we focus on humanity as the AGENTS of change and growth (parrots can’t do much to stop global warming or fix poverty. We have to helps the parrots.)

#humanfirst wants to unite secularists and those amongst the spiritual/religious who value science, healthy skepticism, and see that faith/religion must change/progress.



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